Monday, March 28, 2016

More Hope for Those with Type 1 Diabetes

Currently about 5 to 10% of people living with diabetes have type 1 diabetes. It differs from type 2 diabetes in that the pancreas stops making insulin and type 1 diabetes can not be prevented. There is also no cure and people with type 1 diabetes must use insulin everyday.  However, new research has shown that putting a covering around pancreatic cells and implanting them in rats with type 1 diabeteshelped the rats produce their own insulin for up to 6 months. Plus the covering on the pancreatic cells prevent the body from attacking the cells and no antirejection drugs are needed. The next step is to test it in primates. Read more about it at this link:

Monday, March 14, 2016

If you have diabetes, your close family members are at high risk for developing diabetes too!!

Do you have diabetes? If so your children, brothers and sisters are at higher risk for developing diabetes. The following website was designed to help people identify their risk for having pre-diabetes or diabetes.  If diagnosed with pre-diabetes, lifestyle changes can help keep the person from getting diabetes. Early detection and treatment of diabetes can help the person stay healthy and avoid the serious diabetes complications like heart attacks, blindness and kidney failure.  Share this website with your family!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Will you be able to check your blood glucose with contact lenses in the near future?

Google has teamed up with a manufacturer of contact lenses – Alcon, which is part Novartis, to develop a contact lens that can test your glucose level. It will apparently test the glucose level of your eye tears every second and then send the results wirelessly to a mobile device. They are starting to test the contact lens on humans, but we don’t yet know when these smart lenses may be available!