Monday, February 19, 2018

Keeping Diabetes at Bay

Now is the perfect time to start preventing yourself from becoming another type 2 diabetes statistic. One out of three adults has prediabetes that, left untreated, can turn into type 2 diabetes. Nearly 90% of those adults don’t even know that they have prediabetes. Luckily for adults here in the U.P., there are classes offered to help keep type 2 diabetes at bay.

Diabetes Prevention Weight Loss Programs (DPP) are being offered in many communities across the U.P. The National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is an evidence-based lifestyle change program which has been demonstrated to delay or prevent the development of type 2 diabetes among people at high risk. The program, designed to support lifestyle balance, healthy eating, physical activity and exercise, and motivational support. The program is delivered by a trained Lifestyle Coach, who facilitates the approved curriculum and works to encourage and sustain group interaction so that participants support each other during the year-long program.

Tracey Hamilton is participating in a DPP class that is being held at the Negaunee Senior Center. Tracey was at risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. She joined the class to get weight loss support and has benefited greatly from the class. The goal for the class is to lose between 5 and 7% of their body weight. Tracey has lost 6% since beginning the class.

With the help and support of the DPP class, Tracey has been able to learn many healthy habits that will hopefully stick with her even after the class is completed. She found the class to be most helpful in “what to look for when reading food labels and how to substitute higher calorie food with lower calorie options.” Tracey has also found ways to “cut down on portion sizes and she has cut way back on snacking, especially sweets” and was able to find success and lose weight. She feels that the program has “helped improve her health” and she feels much better than before she began the class.

Think a Diabetes Prevention class might be what you need to help keep type 2 diabetes at bay? Please call 2-1-1 to see if a program is starting up in your area.

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