Monday, March 5, 2018

UPCAP offers free Health And Wellness Programs Across the U.P.

Do you have a fear of falling? Do you struggle with the daily challenges of living with diabetes or other health problem?  Or, do you care for a loved one living at home with memory problems?  If you answered yes to any of on eof these questions, then UPCAP may have a program for you.  For the last 9 years, UPCAP and many community partners have been implementing and expanding a variety of nationally recognized evidence based programs. UPCAP, the UP Area Agency on Aging, targets those aged 60 and older-however, these programs are open to all adults.   These programs are available in most areas of the UP, are held in community settings such as Senior Centers, churches, libraries.  Small groups meet weekly, usually for 6-8 weeks, and people learn from trained facilitators, and also learn from other group members, ways to manage their concerns.

UPCAP and UPDON worked together to bring the first program, Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) to the U.P.  The PATH program, as it's called in Michigan, is Stanford University's Chronic Disease Self-Management program. The program helps people to better manage their condition by discussing tools that can make a difference and goal setting, which empowers people to do what they know they should be doing.  UPCAP offers 2 other similar programs from Stanford, exclusively for those living with diabetes and for those living with chronic pain.  People who take this class often say they feel like they are in more control of their health, rather than their health controlling them.

Another program offered by UPCAP is called, A Matter of Balance, Managing Concerns About Falls.  This 8 session program helps to reduce people's fear of falling, and thus, stay active and independent.  Group discussions help people set goals for physical activity, manage behaviors and disruptive thoughts, and learn exercises to help improve balance, strength, and flexibility.  Many people report that after taking the class, they feel more confident that they can reduce their risk of falling.

Creating Confident Caregivers is for families caring for someone living at

home with memory loss.  The program provides caregivers with information, skills, and attitudes to manage stress and increase their effectiveness as a caregiver.  Often, they feel more able to take control and manage situations that may arise in the day to day care of someone with memory loss.

Two other programs are available in limited areas, Healthy Eating for

Successful Living in Older Adults, and Walk With Ease.

To register for upcoming programs or to be placed on a waiting list, contact


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